From Software’s Project Beast footage leaked

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Oh, the power of the internet. It’s so easy for people to leak all sorts of awesome stuff, and once it’s out there, it never really disappears. Just look at the Battlefield Hardline video that leaked earlier this week. Now From Software’s latest title has a pre-mature reveal.

NeoGAF user drotahorror posted the files for these videos which, when linked together, create what looks like the start of a teaser trailer for the new Project Beast. In fact, this looks like the video from which the screenshots I told you about last time were taken. Here is the video:

What can we glean from it? It’s definitely the latest and greatest out of From Software and follows a similar aesthetic to all the Demon’s and Dark Souls games. However, it doesn’t seem to be a fantasy game – no swords or magic on display, our protagonist seems to be wielding a blunderbuss or other similar gun. Complete with an awesome top hat, it appears to be some sort of Steam Punk inspired game, but set in a Dark Souls-esque universe.

Okay, it’s time to officially get excited for E3 when they reveal what this game actually is. The code name may still be Project Beast, but I have a feeling we might see something more Souls/Dark oriented in the reveal. Either way, I will have to reserve an undergarment to throw at the stage for this one. Will this be a platform exclusive? For fans of the studio, it could certainly help ship units.

Last Updated: May 30, 2014

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