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Fuelling the Fanboy Fires : Why the PS3 is Failing

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Failstation Those of us with just a modicum of gray matter have gotten over the console wars and come to terms with the fact that -barring a few pros and cons on either side – the current gen HD consoles are pretty equal.

There are others though who feel that the fanboy wars have gotten a little too quiet, and have felt the need to venture in to no-man’s land, trying to reignite the silly bickering that the rest of us have forgone. One such person is James Hyde of DigitalBattle.com, who’s composed a list of 10 reasons why he thinks the Sony’s PS3 is a failstation.

While he does make a decent point or two -  if you take in to consideration   the 20 million PS3s shifted -  then his list begins to scream of blatant, misguided fanboyism.

Read it here, then let’s discuss his inanity in the comments section.

Last Updated: March 9, 2009

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