Future GT5 update bringing in-race saves

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It’s a feature that people have been wanting for a while now, and Polyphony have confirmed that they’re working on it. In response to a tweet in which a GT5 player complains about not having the time to sit and complete the endurance races, Yamauchi said that the feature is “currently under development”.

The added feature will arrive in a title update, although which one has not been confirmed. When it does arrive, you’ll be able to save your game mid-race; good news for those of you wanting to tackle the endurance races.

Yamauchi’s tweet has been translated as follows:

“I’m sorry. Game saves during endurances. They are currently under development. RT @andrepeniche: as I simply don’t have 4, 9 or even 24 hours available to stay in front of the TV to do endurance races, as much as I love GT5, unfortunately it’s not possible for me to complete them.”

So there you go; expect to be able to take a break when you’re half-way through a – holy crap! Twenty-four hour endurance race? Seriously? Have any Lazygamer readers actually done one of those? Did your eyeballs melt into little puddles of snot, goo and eye gunk?

Source: GT Planet [via Joystiq]

Last Updated: March 2, 2011

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