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Game Based On Movies Getting Movie Based On Games

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My head is doing a little bit of a spin here just trying to wrap my brain around this decision. Rampage, the 1980s arcade game that had you destroying cities and eating helpless people with giant monsters… is now getting its very own film.

While I personally wasted a lot of my young life to playing the heck out of it on my SEGA Master System, I just don’t get why they are even bothering with the rights?

The game clearly took its beasts and concepts from existing giant-monster flicks, so why go and use the rights for a movie that is essentially going to be a Godzilla vs King Kong vs who knows what else, with some good looking stud cast in the lead as of the humans trying to not get dead and some pretty betty whose hand he can hold while running away.

Maybe they are using it specifically to try and steer away from the fact that they’re going to be blatantly ripping off some already existing characters by pointing at the game cover and saying “no way, we are like actually totally making it about this, not your characters”.

The news from Hollywood Reporter reckons that its going to be made with a Ghostbusters / Independence Day sort of vibe, which as far as I can tell means that they are trying to make it in a popular money making sort of idea, which is the point of franchises like this going to theater in the first place, right?

Either way, it’s being made so get ready to be blown away with amazing… or whatever actually, just bring some rotten vegetables to the cinema, you’re probably going to need them. Either that or it’s not actually that bad, but only as a result of it feeling like it has as little to do with video games as possible.

They haven’t yet picked out a director or even writers yet, so this one still has a way to go.

I’m sure the long wait will be unbearable.

Last Updated: November 21, 2011

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