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Game developer trashes reviewers book after receiving a bad review

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And the soap opera that is the video game industry keeps on going. This time the main actors of the day are the developers of Conduit 2, High Voltage, and Joystiq’s reviewer T. Michael Murdock.

It all began long long ago in a time of great peace, T. Michael Murdock was commissioned by Joystiq to review the new Wii shooter from High Voltage and so he did. However when he posted his review he entitled it “more like Con-don’t-do-it 2” and he subsequently goes on to trash the game entirely.

So far so good, that is however until the creative director of High Voltage, Matt Corso, read the review and then decided it was a good idea to email the following to his colleagues.

Michael was kind enough to recently provide us with a Conduit 2 review and so in turn you should all feel at liberty to (of course read it first) and then return the favor by writing a reader review for Michael’s book for him.

The book in question is The Dragon Ruby which up until the email was sent, had solid reviews but which suddenly started receiving negative reviews soon afterwards.

When contacted by The Escapist Magazine about the issue the High Voltage team did not deny that the email was sent but stated that it was a bit of a non-issue and was just Matt having some tongue in cheek humour.

Obviously the author of the book is not amused and feels that a large videogame developer is attacking his livelihood.

Personally I think it’s pretty funny and I do at least hope the High Voltage guys read his book before reviewing it. It’s also not like the High Voltage guys went out to find something about T. Michael Murdock to attack since he linked to his book in the bottom of his Conduit 2 review.

So how do you feel, is what High Voltage did really that wrong and should they be punished or is it an acceptable rebuke for a stinging review?

Source: GamesRadar

Last Updated: May 23, 2011

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