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Game of Thrones publisher starts spamming twitter to market their game

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If you’re on twitter you should be following me (@lazygamers) but besides that you would have also noticed that there are certain words you mustn’t tweet.

If for example you tweet “I can’t find my iPad” you are guaranteed to receive a flood of spam tweets telling you where you can get a cheap iPad from and how they think you’re sexy and must call them.

This twitter spam is mildly annoying most of the time but when a game publisher actively starts to do the same thing and even owns up to it as a marketing campaign I find it entirely unsavoury.

Atlus publishers in the United States are publishing the upcoming Game of Thrones videogame that is being released on the 15th of May and to help get the word out they are monitoring twitter and if you say anything about Game of Thrones you can expect some canned tweet from them that looks something like this.

@mstansberry Explore the different lands of #Westeros and play your own adventure in #GameofThroneRPG.

Atlus contacted Kotaku after they posted on this to explain why they are spamming and stated that this was indeed a marketing campaign to raise awareness of the title as it’s up against 2 huge games releasing at the same time. Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3.

I should drop them an email as when I pointed that out a few weeks ago I was quickly contacted and explained to that the games are all different and not really going head to head…

But in all honesty Atlus, this just makes you look sad and desperate… please stop it.

Last Updated: April 2, 2012

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