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Game wants your old games, makes an ad lying about pretty much everything

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Game, one of Australia’s largest gaming retailers has decided it’s time to really start cashing in second hand sales and has put together a pretty unique video ad explaining it’s offering.

Some parts I found pretty funny, like the sexy lady who uses her wares to disarm the geek, but then other scenes/parodies were just plain annoying.

The entire idea is based very much on the banned Xbox 360 advert of the guys shooting at each other but with a big dash of Australian humour, most of which became politically incorrect back in the 1980’s.

Mind you I could forgive the advert for it’s dodgy humour and B grade acting if it didn’t end off pretty much lying through it’s teeth. According to the friendly Game employee they are happy to offer the guy $60 for his second hand copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops… a 5 month old game.

In reality the last time I traded new games in at Game I received around $25 for a 3 month old game down to $5 for a year old one

Mind you it does help when the RRP in Australia for Black Ops is $120 (R875)

Video’s here

Banned Xbox 360 Ad

Last Updated: February 11, 2011

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