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Gamer Racks up 500 000 Gamerscore

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Ahh, the lure of achievements. Many gamers this generation have been chasing the dangling carrot that is the “buh-plipppp” sound that accompanies earned achievements in Xbox 360 games.

Some people though, take it a bit far. I present to you Stallion83, avid gamer and achievement whore hunter who has now amassed an impressive 500 000 gamerscore using Microsoft’s digital penis measurement tool.

According to his blog, his goal to reach a million Gamerscore started sometime in 2006, and 4 years later, he’s halfway. “It’s going to be a long process getting to 1,000,000, but hopefully I can make it there someday,” he says.

It would be all too easy to make jokes about how the dude has no life, and that he’s waggling his giant e-peen around, but it’s quite the accomplishment. Personally I don’t care much for achievements, not even having attained 40K during the same time-frame, but congrats to him. The highest south African total, as far as I’m able to ascertain belongs to RA1NKING, who  at 197 291 has a heck of a lot of catching up to do.

Watch Stallion83 hit 500 000 in the video below. (link included too, on account of our embeds being eaten by gremlins)

500 000 Gamerscore

Last Updated: October 18, 2010

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