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Gamergaters have created a website outing ‘corrupt’ journalists

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It’s the gift that just keep on giving. #GamerGate will not lie down and die, and the die-hard Gamergaters have now created their own website to publicly call out the corrupt actions of the video game journalists.

DeepFreeze.it has become a veritable who’s who of the anti-Gamergate league with a large number of white knights and SJW’s in the list. But is this a real listing of corrupt journalists or is this just some people with an axe to grind?

Well for me personally it looks like a bit of both. There are some very well researched articles highlighting some dubious acts by leading journalists and then there seems to be some far reaching attempts to simply sully someone’s name.

The one that really jumps out at me as a smear campaign with no basis in fact is the accusation against ex-IGN journalist, Colin Moriarty. There’s accusation is that Colin defended Mass Effect while IGN were receiving a ton of cash for Mass Effect advertising.

Started the myth of the “entitled gamers” with a caustic video on IGN criticizing gamers for protesting Mass Effect 3’s ending and DLC, while IGN was heavily advertising the game.

Here is an edited version of the video that apparently shows how corrupt he is:

Personally I find it offensive to imply that a journalist can’t have, what is obviously, a personal opinion on the industry just because his employer receives money for advertising the game.

But then they have some accurate criticisms like the one against Cara Ellison who is a freelance journalist for many sites.

Gave positive coverage to Fullbright company and their game Gone Home, on no less than sixarticles, without disclosing her relationship with Fullbright’s Steve Gaynor and Johnnemann Nordhagen, who also supported her on Patreon.


Gave positive coverage to text adventure developer Porpentine in at least five articles, without disclosing their friendship.

That sort of thing is dodgy and should be called out.

Whether this site ever actually succeeds in changing anything is yet to be seen but at least now when people ask what Gamergate is and what are their publically-stated goals are you can point them to a single site.

But as an wise old asian once said (in our company chat this morning):

a faceless, leaderless movement can never achieve anything, because anyone can transgress its goals under the same banner

Last Updated: May 11, 2015

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