GamerGear Competition Still running

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Gamer GearSo where are all the budding artists this time around?

I  am receiving a distinct lack of entries in the first part of the GamerGear / Lost Odyssey competition where you were asked to send in what you think would be the perfect logo.

So far I have a very bizarre looking dog and that is all. Remember the best option will win a copy of Lost Odyssey and a T-Shirt. However the winning entry may not end up being the mascot so don’t worry about sending in some best efforts…

Or if you have zero graphical abilities, such as myself, all you need to do is email me ([email protected]) the name of the lead character in Lost Odyssey and a name of one of the T-Shirts that RudRa clothing offers and you could win a copy of Lost Odyssey and a T-Shirt….

You can see their entire range at

So support our sponsors and enter the competitions, you never know you may just win an absolutely limited edition Lazygamer T-Shirt.

Last Updated: May 12, 2008

Gavin Mannion

I for one welcome our future robotic overlords

  • Fox1

    The only lazy mascot I can think of is Homer Simpsons :mrgreen:

  • ok ok I’ll work on something sheesh!

  • Lupus

    Got zero artistic skill so yeah entered the second one 😀

  • Echo16h20

    you have my 2 entries already, and I’m sure they are better than some “very bizarre looking dog” 🙂

  • Naudran

    This will probably get lost, due to the late post… but when does the competition close?

  • hey, dont diss the dog.. he is half robot, half dog, chasing butterflies

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