Gamerlobby Street Fighter IV Tournament – Report on the Action

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stan-sf4-doneLadies and Gentleplayers
The competition is hectic!

I’m Blackie Toothgrin and here is the report of last night’s matchups.

In the fights last night we saw blood sweat and tears…some knocked out teeth as well.

Fighters were seen warming up pre-match and there was hope that the champ Draeka would forfeit his match cause a mob abducted his brother. He was facing Havok who agreed that he will wait, and drink while Draeka goes and helps his brother. After all, what is a couple of hours between fighters for the sake of the Street Fighter code of honour. Draeka left the tournament saying, I’ll be back where he rushed off to go face the mob.

Havok was heard saying: “I drink to numb the pain. This tiger knee is not what it used to be”
Most people think he just drinks cause he is tired of losing.

After returning it ended up that his brother just needed a lift. Draeka was so angry that he beat all the competitors saying that he will retire after this tournament as the stress and family together with street fighting is too much for an ageing man.

Talking about age, this younger competitor Ramiz is showing promise. Going through his fights with new found skill from watching practice videos and spending LOTS of time doing spiral kicks to hone his skill. Having had some close matches he showed BMT as he held composure winning a lot of his fights. Watch out for this one. A firm crowd favourite “The blue dress might have something to do with it!” Said one spectator.

There was lots of surprises as well, you could hear the audience gasp as certain Veinburn who kicked butt was unveiled as a woman! As the only female entry, all the competitors realized that females do not need to sit back and watch from the sidelines. She paved the way forward for all females to come.

Zenfire was heard saying – “I will destroy Havok. I have beat the favourite Ramiz , Ramiz beat Havok so by proxy I will wipe the floor with him!”

Havok was calm and collected…..later…Zenfire was seen collecting teeth from the canvas.

He was later asked about it and said: “I wilsh shee him in lound tshwoo of shis compitishhinne…”

In other news, MrSAPoenix was seen giving tips to some of the other competitors, there is a inquiry about this from the referees but there is no mentioning of it in the 5 line rule page. So it stands! Fantastic sportsmanship.
Raphamon was true to standard. No spamming in his repertoire. He was completely unpredictable in all matches. Looking as a strong contender for the title.

BlakSun, a complete novice to the Street Fighting scene, entered the tournament with money he collected from cleaning chainsaws. He is the rookie favorite to take newcomer of the tournament title belt.

We can’t wait for the next fight night!

B Toothgrin signing out!

Check out the current standings over at Gamerlobby

Last Updated: May 22, 2009

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