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Gamers are being whiny babies on Metacritic again

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Ninja Theory’s DmC was released yesterday, to critical acclaim. It currently stands with a rather impressive Critic score of 89 86 on the review aggregator. As you’d expect, given the “fan” outrage, its Metacritic user score is less than favourable, at a rather paltry 2.9 – showing once again how entitled crybaby whiner gamers can be.

The biggest problem fans have, you see, is that the game – a reboot –  isn’t exactly the same as previous games in the series.

“A disgrace to the Devil May Cry franchise. This game killed the whole series with it’s awful combat, awful characters and awful storyline. Nothing that made people love the series is left with DmC: Devil May Cry. Ninja Theory and Capcom did a horrible job on this game,” says one disgruntled fan.

“I dislike this game because, it’s too much different from the previous titles and it’s different in a bad way. I am totally shocked how they changed the main character, and casualised the gameplay. I do believe it could’ve been a good game if it had a different name, but as a DMC game it’s a total disaster,” says another.

Here’s more : “This game is a betrayal of all DMC fans out there, pure and simple. The gameplay is casualised to the point where you no longer need any effort to pull of the biggest combos. There is no reward for struggling with and becoming better at the game, everything is presented to you right of the bat and the neatest package possible. The writing is childish at best and just pure insulting at worst. The graphics are fine, but the aesthetics are uninspired to say the least. Overall this game does everything wrong. A good example of the saying “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”

And of course, there are the comments that suggest that the only reason the game’s received a good critical reception is that Capcom paid for reviews.

“Worst game in the series by far. The gameplay is dumbed down, and Capcom paid off websites to give it good reviews. Between the horribly redesigned Dante, boring and tedious gameplay, and terrible story, this is a terrible reboot of a once-great franchise.”

This sort of ascerbic, vitriol-filled bile goes on for pages and pages. The game is bad because it’s too different. The funny thing is these are probably the exact same people who’ll moan that Call of Duty is the same every year.

Make up your minds, folks.

Oh, for reference, I haven’t played the game myself so I can’t really comment – but our own Darryn tells me that the “game is so well rounded. Looks great, plays fantastically and has charm, attitude and heart.”

So it’s probably crap, then.

Last Updated: January 16, 2013

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  1. rollingmol

    March 10, 2015 at 14:49

    From the future… I traveled through time so I wont have long. Nothings changed 1080p is a hmentioned more than the weather. Troy baker is in everything. The last guardian is still mia and final fantasy is at 60%% .get ready for parts of games getting sold as DL c and day 1 update patches. Tell the government to build more powerplants.


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