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Gamers are terribly upset over a missing cigar

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Tychus Findlay, the big bad space Marine who stands as the poster boy for StarCraft is known for two things; being a larcenous bad-ass, and perpetually smoking a cigar. Like many of Blizzard’s characters, he’s in their all-stars Heroes of the Storm Moba – only without his trademark cigar. Because vocal gamers on the internet are some of the whiniest people on this, or any other planet, many have taken umbrage with the rolled up, stuffed fermented tobacco leaf sticking out of his mouth.

“YES. We know smoking is bad, everybody does. BUT! it’s not Blizzard’s job to make sure we don’t do it anyway” is the name of a surprisingly explosive Reddit thread on the Heroes of the Storm sub-Reddit.

Here’s what the OP says:

“Blizzard, you are betraying your own game, your own universe, and your own fans.

People might say, well calm down, it’s JUST a cigar.. right?

No, it’s a matter of principle. Standing up for what you believe in, and not caving in to hypocrisy. You made Tychus and other characters in a special way, because it fits with the fantasy and the art, are you really gonna change that vision, because somebody has a problem with it?

I thought you had more balls than that, Blizzard.

Bring back Tychus’ cigar, because it’s NOT your job to police kids and parents to NOT smoke. Let people figure out their own lives on their own. If kids begin to smoke, it’s the PARENTS fault, not yours.”

And from there, people have said that they’re no longer playing the game because of the omitted cigar. I can not even begin to imagine a world where this is an actual problem worth getting angry over – but angry some people are. Here’s one response on that thread, which I think maybe, maybe oversteps thing a little .

“Fucking Blizzard baby back bullshit, fuck you guys again. Fuck you Mike Moreheim. Grow a dick Blizzard.”

Blizzard’s helpfully explained why Tychus’ iconic cigar is absent:

In the case of Tychus’ cigar there were regions where he wouldn’t be allowed to smoke. We have two options:

  • Make 2 versions, one smoking, one non-smoking
  • Remove the Cigar

Making 2 versions means more data management, multiple duplicates of the asset (if we update an animation, it has to propagate to all versions) such as the the death ragdoll model, The facial animations, his morph into the Odin, and apply that process to every skin as well. This mountain of work affects multiple departments and has to be addressed every time we’d adjust Tychus.


Remove the cigar. Put the development time into more content instead of bloating the management of one character. This is a decision based on productivity. The appeal of Tychus should not hinge on a cigar anyways, and we have no issue with that aspect of his character.

Makes sense to me! I have to imagine that the people who’re so damned angry about this have no real problems.

Last Updated: May 25, 2015

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