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Games Done Quick raises over $3 million, smashing it’s previous totals, and setting a new record

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The money raised, largely through donations sent by viewers, will be given to the Prevent Cancer Foundation.


To me, there’s something oddly compelling about speed-running. The appeal is two-fold: It’s real neat to see people play video games way faster than you ever imagined possible and I find it fascinating how runners can exploit how a game is made, showing an understanding for how games are built and designed that most of the time even the original developers are unaware of.

It’s a fascinating and interesting little culture within the gaming spheres and while speedrunning as a whole is not “mainstream”, that hasn’t stopped those dedicated speed-freaks from doing a whole lot of good as Awesome Games Done Quick closes out its week with a record-breaking $3,133,898.56 raised for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.


If you aren’t familiar, Games Done Quick is a charity event held twice a year that sees speed-runners from around the world gather and show off their talents in whatever game they’ve been working of breaking. The events are streamed over on Twitch with viewers able to donate money to help out a charity selected by GDQ.

This year’s Awesome Games Done Quick has now set the bar for future events as after the final run on Saturday, January 11th, it was announced that the event had raised over $3 million, which is $700,000 more than the previous AGDQ and $100,000 more than Summer Games Done Quick, the mid-year variation of the event.


If you missed out on the livestream, don’t worry about it. You think I’d leave you hanging like that? All of the vods can be found on GDQ’s official website. If I may throw out some recommendations, give a watch to Hotline Miami being beaten in 24 minutes by Snowfats. Maybe you want something more modern? How about Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice in an hour and half by LilAggy? Or just a personal favourite, any of The Legend of Zelda runs are great to throw on while you’re busy doing something unimportant, like building LEGO or doing taxes.

Last Updated: January 13, 2020

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