Games I want resurrected

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I was thinking this morning that I really wish that the bigwigs in Hollywood would recreate the Back to The Future series… and Karate Kid but now I think I am showing my age.

Then I started browing around the net and saw that Neocrisis had posted up their top 5 games that they feel should be given a new lease in life, honestly I think there choices are terrible and none of these games should return but everyon’s got their own tastes I guess.

Neocrisis listed the following as their top 5

5. Dark Stalkers
4. Zone of the Enders
3.  Panzer Dragoon
2. Parasite Eve
1. Breath of Fire…

all pretty terrible games in my opinion but with the common theme of having leading ladies with heaving bosoms… So to my list

If I had the power I would ensure that the following games made a comeback

5. Warcraft 3.. well it would be Warcraft 4 I guess but that’s beside the point.

4. California Games

3. Leisure Suit Larry

2. Alley Cat – Annoyingly addictive game

1. Golden Axe or Double Dragon… either is fine

Honourable mentions go to

Space Quest, Police Quest, Hero Quest and Montezuma’s Revenge

So have I missed out your favourite golden oldie and if so let me know which one it was

Inspirational Source: Neocrisis 

Last Updated: February 9, 2009

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