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Games I would never have invented

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Good pose Now it’s often when a new game is announced that I sit back and think

“Wow that’s a good idea, that’s going to be awesome”

Things like destructible environments, regenerating health or flamethrowers as weapons come to mind… but what about those games that have made people absolute millions that even when I sit back and think of them now I still think they are dumb ideas.

Strangely Nintendo are always the leader in this category and it seems that it doesn’t matter how often they flog the dead horse the masses buy it…

So to the top 5 games that I just wouldn’t have ever made…

Wii Fit – 5.2 million copies sold

Yeah lets invent a game where all you do is stand on a board and move around a little and pretend to get fit?

Brain Training – 13.3 million copies sold

I know what people want to do… they want a game that constantly tests them and makes them feel stupid. Why didn’t I think of that?

Nintendogs – 18.7 million copies sold

Seriously, 18 million people want to look after a virtual dog?

Cooking Mama – millions and millions sold

Lets pretend to cook dinner on my portable DS… all the work without any of the fun of eating it…

Guitar Hero I, II, III & and others – millions sold

Lets give grown adults little plastic guitars so they can pretend to play an instrument they know full well that they will never do in real life. Then lets keep on releasing the same idea with different songs and charging for it… Only to be beaten by someone releasing an entire band in a box…

Honourable Mentions

Singstar, Dance Dance Revolution and Viva Pinata

So do you agree or do you have some better games for the list?

Last Updated: July 11, 2008

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