Games making fun of themselves

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Joshua Ortega is a former comics writer that was brought in by Epic to ‘flesh’ out the Gears of War world. Apparently it wasn’t long before he started asking those all important realistic questions that we as gamers ignore.

The one he mentions is, Why does the Gears world have so much ammo lying around? But he could have easily also asked

“What is this magic stuff that makes Cole regenerate so fast?”


“Why do all the COG soldiers walk around with bright blue flashing lights on themselves?”

So what other questions are there that you think should be put forward to the Gears story team?

Oh and to round off this story, Epic has included a reference to Ortega’s initial question in the Gears 2 tutorial by allowing Don to say

“Damn, someone needs to do an ammo sweep around here”

So that’s pretty cool… I like a game, or person, who can make fun of itself.

Source: MTV

Last Updated: September 12, 2008

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