Games on Demand Suffering Incompatibility With Disc Versions

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Impatient, recumbent gamers too lethargic to get up off the couch, get in the car and drive aaaaallllll the way to their nearest gaming retailer might be predisposed to the idea of purchasing Games on Demand from the Xbox Live Marketplace; digital versions of disc-based games. Barring the cost and time to download, they seem like a pretty good idea – but there’s a pretty compelling reason not to do so.

Apparently certain older titles are having difficulty playing nice with the disc-based counterparts.

One such title, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, released in March 2008 won’t allow multiplayer matches between the two versions. Regardless of who hosts the game, if the lobby consists of mixed retail and G.O.D player, the host is presented with a message asking to "Please insert the RB6V2 Disk".

Microsoft is apparently aware of the problem. According to Crunchgear their customer services confirmed that there are “several incompatibility issues with earlier releases of the game", and that the problem affects "various ‘older’ titles". Lego Rockband has a different problem; purchasers have found that without a physical manual, they’re unable to export their songs for use in other Rock Band title.

Right now, South African XBL users needn’t worry too much. The singular Games on Demand title available, BioShock 2 (available for R249.00), is a “newer” game and shouldn’t be affected.

Source : Crunchgear

Last Updated: December 1, 2010

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