Games Radar’s Top 7 Games You’ll Either Love or Hate

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Marmite Gamesradar’s latest Top 7 feature lists 7 games that have divided gamers more than any other titles in recent history. Complete with links to conflicting reviews, the article indexes the real Marmite games. Like the sticky, yeasty, Vitamin B and Iron fortified goo, these are the titles that’ll either have you jumping for joy, or jumping from windows.

For the record, I quite like Marmite (the trick, you see – is to use lots of butter, and not very much Marmite. That’s if you like keeping the skin on the roof of your mouth, anyway). What I didn’t like though, was Assassin’s Creed (one of the games featured on the list). While stylish and visually impressive it was one of the blandest, most shallow gameplay experiences I’ve had.

Read the article here, then let us know what your Marmite games are.
What games have you loved that your peers shun? What games have you loathed, that everybody else seemed to be fawning over?

Source : Gamesradar

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Last Updated: March 18, 2009

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