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10 Games we’re looking forward to in 2014

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There comes a time in every gaming website’s calendar where we must look ahead to the future. To the games that excite us now, but that we have to wait patiently for. With many exciting upcoming releases, this is the short version of Lazygamer’s top ten picks for 2014! Also, we can’t count.

1. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC, PS4 XB1)


The Witcher 3 is set to be biggest open world RPG yet. Very little has been said about it, though both Darryn and Geoff are unnaturally excited for the game.  It will run on the new REDengine3 game engine and the story will be the conclusion of Geralt of Rivia’s story arc. There’s not much that needs to be said, come at us Witcher 3. 

2. Star Citizen (PC)star citizen

In scope alone, Star Citizen is worth keeping on your radar. It is a Space simulator (commerce and combat) FPS and is entirely crowd funded! Players will play through a single player campaign separate to the multiplayer world called ‘Squadron 42’ while co-operative online multiplayer will have its own persistent universe for battle and an extensive commerce system. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but its scale cannot be ignored. Cloud Imperium has a lot of Kickstarter backers eagerly awaiting the game’s release in Q4 of 2014.

3. Infamous: Second Son (PS4)infamoussecondson

The Infamous serious is well know for being a slick 3rd person action adventure game with superpowers as the hook. Second Son adds a new protagonist, Deslin Rowe, with the ability to control smoke and neon lights, with many more to be revealed. More Infamous please!

4. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (WiiU)


Oh man, what a game DKC Returns was. Side scrolling platforming at its best with beautiful environment and level design by the lovely Retro Studios. DKC: Tropical Freeze for the WiiU is set to be another winner with the addition of Dixie Kong as a playable character and water levels! DKC being one of the few series to have enjoyable water levels. David Wise is also set to record the soundtrack! He scored the original Super Nintendo series across all three games. Every soundtrack he touches turns to gold and I cannot wait for him to step up to the plate once more.

5. Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (PC,PS4,PSVita)


We were blessed with the stylish and brutal Hotline Miami in October of 2012. With its addictive gameplay and ambiguous ending, this game is begging for a sequel. Although unscheduled for now, we eagerly await the release of Hotline Miami 2, hoping that it will keep the formula fresh with new gameplay elements.

6. Bayonetta 2 (WiiU)


A third party developer on the WiiU?! This is madness! But seriously, this was a hell of an exclusive for Nintendo to land. Bayonetta on the PS3 and 360 was a huge hit with outrageous visuals and deeply satisfying combat system. It’ll be interesting to see what Platinum Games will do to complement the WiiU’s unique control scheme, among other additions, like multiplayer!

7. Dying Light (PC, PS3, PS4, 360,XB1)


A new survival horror IP? With a focus on free running and crafting? After the mediocre Dead Island series, Techland has a lot to prove with this daring new IP. Let’s hope it’s a good one!

8. Titanfall (PC,360,XB1)


An FPS with giant mech combat and free running. This is bound to be an amazing experience for all. Running on a custom source engine, Titanfall is a beautiful looking game. We hope that the hype from E3 was justified. Titanfall comes out March 13th in Europe.

9. Dark Souls II (PC,PS3,360)


The soul crushing, yet highly rewarding third person action RPG is back for another installment in March 2014. With no intentions to change the already solid controls, we can expect Dark Souls 2 to not change up the formula too much. It’ll look a little nicer and possibly rebalanced with new enemies and bosses. Most importantly, it’ll be more of the Dark Souls we know and love.

10. Destiny (PS3, PS4, 360,XB1)


Destiny is Bungie’s shiny new IP. Although not entirely a departure from their coveted Halo series, Destiny Brings RPG elements with classes in an always online MMO. Players will be automatically matched to complete missions with each other, in lieu of a traditional MMO. This is all wrapped up in an all new story with new lore and factions. We think it’s gonna be a hit!

11. Watch Dogs (PC,PS3,PS4,WiiU,360,XB1)


Watch Dogs has been teased quite a bit. We saw a bunch of fancy trailers, and even a live walkthrough of an early mission. You play as hacker and vigilante Aiden Pearce in an open world alternate reality version of Chicago, Illinois. Every piece of technology in the city is controlled by a Central Operating System or CtOS. Aiden has the ability to hack into these computers in order to help complete his objectives. There are elements of parkour and cover based third person shooting as well. The concept of hacking isn’t new, but Ubisoft Montreal seems set on making the idea more than just a time wasting minigame. 

Last Updated: November 6, 2013

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