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GamesCom 2011 – Asuras Wrath

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You think your favourite video game protagonists that currently inhabit store shelves know anger? Not even that alcoholic and hungover clown my parents once hired for my fourth birthday can match up the levels of hate and anger that is present in the latest game from Capcom, which is unrelentingly brutal in its approach to combat.

Capcom showed me a demo at earlier, which has our main character engaging in some fantastically awesome combat. But before the action started in earnest, Asura and his longtime mentor Augus enjoying some fresh sake at a hot spring, while surround by amply-bosomed ladies.

Asura then begins drinking his sake in a first person perspective which players control, while madness unfolded all around him. Every time that Asura ha a sip of his sake, he filled his burst gauge up further, which is normally used for combat purposes and insane combos, the development team told us. “But we also want to introduce a sense of surprising and unpredictable gameplay”.

With our sake/burst meter full, we activated one of the strangest scenes that I have ever seen in a game, with everything from breasts to lunar based combat being involved. Asura was taking Augus on, and the action was thick and intense.


We then saw some rapid in game combat sequences, which mixed quick-time events with anime-influenced combat scenes that revolve around using the twin analogue sticks on a controller for events that require some quick timing, like catching out of control weapons that are heading your way.

The fight starts to drag on, and its only getting even more unbelievably surreal, with each blow traded causing the planet itself to shake violently. The battle finally ends however, when Auger catches his sword and uses it stab Asura through the chest. And the rest of the planet, leaving the game demo to dangle on a cliffhanger.

Asuras Wrath looks like a game that is going to be as in your face as possible, teasing players with combat that will leave a universe broken at the end, but will be as much fun to play as it is to watch, even though your eyeballs will be bleeding by the end of a gaming session.

Last Updated: August 22, 2011

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