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GamesCom 2011 – Modern Warfare 3 hands on

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Battlefield 3 may have been the talk of the town when it comes to FPS games, but Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 was just as big a draw at the GamesCom, with lines stretching seemingly forever to get a chance to even just see the game. I sat down for a session of Spec Ops survival mode with some of the lads from Infinity Ward, and it was a blast.

We started up the demo, sat down, and my handler gave me a quick tour of all the best spots to take down enemies, and the best spots for cover as well. With that done, we proceeded to play a few waves, and it was good old COD fun, nothing missing or added at that point. I picked up a new M16 rifle with my points, and started blasting away at the waves of enemies.

Dogs are back, but this time, the canine bastards seem even harder to kill, as well as being almost ninja-like in their movements, but we managed to get through them. Then, things got interesting. I was shown a new tactic to use, something that I could purchase.

If things get to hairy, players can add some friendly fire of their own with a group of soldiers from Delta Team, a strike team that can help balance the odds. Things were looking great, with my team saving my bacon and taking down enemies, with the team being perhaps a little too good, when we struck by a wave of suicide bombers.


Take one of these guys down, and the bombs attached to their vest explode instantly, taking down anyone unfortunate enough to be close to them. I lost several good men, but we survived that round at least.

“Oh, its time for the boss round”, my Activision handler said. At that point two heavily armed helicopters appeared and took out the rest of my Delta team and making me retreat to the safety of the bridge. I had to work carefully with my teammate to take down the choppers, but we did it eventually.

At that point I felt that I had survived, only for an added antagonist to make his way down, the Juggernaut boss, a hulking brute of a man dressed head to toe in Kevlar that carries a mini-gun with him. More teamwork was necessary here, as we each took turns to lob flash grenades and shoot him, eventually taking him down.

With that, my time was up and I had to make space for the next journalist, but not before I could ask one of the guys from Infinity ward a question or two. I asked him if we could tweak the AI of the Delta Team, so that the game can still be challenging, to which replied that IW was still considering, as it did seem that Delta Team was a little too good.

And as for zombies, his answer was quite clear on that, “C’mon on man, that’s a Treyarch thing. We don’t need zombies to make a good game”. So there you have it, all the usual COD elements are here, save that they have the usual refinements and graphical flourishes, with some interesting new gameplay modes to extend the experience past the single-player campaign.

Love or hate it, but each Call of Duty is unashamedly and consistently excellent in its approach to the genre, with an emphasis on fun gameplay.

Last Updated: August 22, 2011

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