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GamesCom 2011 – The Adventures of TinTin: The secret of the unicorn

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When it comes to movie games, there’s an unwritten rule that they must all be terrible. With the new TinTin game scheduled to hit the market the same time as the upcoming film, its refreshing to actually get a game that ignores said rule.

Senior Producer Drew Quackenbush shows us some of the 3D gameplay in the TinTin game, demonstrating to us five exclusive levels created just for GamesCom. “We’re starting things off in the MarlinSpike underground”, Drew says, “and what we’ve done is create a platform game with 3D elements, but think of it as a 2.5D game”.

TinTin is bouncing around the stage, in a scene reminiscent of the early Price of Persia games, just with much better visuals. There are villains dotted around the map, but a quick punch from TinTin can knock them out.

“You won’t be killing guys in this game, just knocking them out. Bu what we also want to do is for kids to use their heads a little, instead of resorting to violence. We can use TinTins intelligence as a weapon, much like in the comics”. Drew shows us a quick scene then of TinTin climbing into a barrel, sneaking around and whacking guys over the head without being caught, as well as using a beach ball to knock some more goons out by ricocheting it ff the wall.


After that brief level, we get a quick look at a vehicle section, as TinTin and Captain Haddock must fly their way through a cave, without taking too much damage. Then, Drew introduces us to co-op mode, which is where the real meat of the game shall be.

“You’re going to play as either Captain Haddock or TinTin, or in dream sequences, as The Thompson twins, or even as Snowy and a black version of him. There are different gameplay moves for each character, such as Haddock being stronger and able to lift heavy objects, or use the Thompson twins canes to deflect objects back at enemies”.

We then play a little bit with TinTin and Haddock, and its clear that teamwork is essential here, as its impossible to get anywhere without help from your partner. We’re giving each other leg-ups, luring enemies into traps and exploring, in a fun experience so far.


So far the 3D graphics have been quite impressive, with the characters looking much like their CGI counterparts on the silver screen. Enemies are cartoonishly exaggerated in their mannerisms, while the gameplay feels solid and polished. Playing as Snowy, we’re then both running around a much longer version of the level, taking advantage of Snowy’s speed and climbing ability. We’re digging up treasure and scaring off mice, and the teamwork element is still strong here.

And with that, our look at the game is over, and its clear that Ubisoft have created a game that is primarily fun, and doesn’t feel like yet another quick cash in, which is something that is all too prevalent in the market today.


Last Updated: August 19, 2011

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