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Gamescom 2012 Capcom Press Conference – Lost Planet 3 has a fistful of bugs to squash

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Lost Planet 3 is up next. A trailer, and the on-stage presenter elaborates how the game will be a prequel to the first two titles, as main character Jim, arrives on the icy planet to make a living and support his family. (Updated with trailer)

The hands-on demo starts with a cutscene that feels like a sphaghetti western, capturing the dangerous and barren atmosphere of this lethal planet. Our protagonist has to reach a tower situated near the top of a mountain, but there’s a massive swarm of aliens standing between him and his destination.

Cue some fighting with flying insect aliens, and the struggle mechanic is highlighted here, a QTE that relies on quick button taps and analogue stick controls to break free. The action is heavy in this gritty, suspense-filled game, as players will make use of a cover-based mechanic to survive.

Oddly, this seems to work well for Lost Planet, and it doesn’t hurt to have fantastic visuals either. Jim calls in for some reinforcements, and that’s what he gets, as his mobile mech appears, right on cue for a brutal bug beatdown, as he works his way up the mountain even further.

Jim finally reaches the tower on the mountain, and the game looks set to have a massive sense of scale to it. A badmutha bug appears, and Jim switches to a FPS viewpoint for this battle, as he fights off the bug.

With the bug finally vanquished, the base calls Jim, and informs him that mysterious things are happening. The demo ends, and all of a sudden, Lost Planet 3 is looking even better, and exciting, as it prepares for arrival on console and PC in early 2013.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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