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Gamescom 2012 EA- Crysis 3 starts the hunt!

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If there is one FPS game coming from EA that everyone is excited for, it has to be Crysis 3. The game is taking the theme of an urban jungle a little too far, but we’re okay with that, as the latest addition to the multiplayer for the game, spices things up.

Hunter Mode allows for up to 16 players across two teams to put their own spin on being the hunter or the hunted. Team A will have more players, consisting of Cell Troopers in heavy armour, while Team B will consist of two nano-suit players, who have to work together to eliminate the opposition.

Bows, and nano-suit abilities will be used here, but the catch is, for each player taken down by a nano-suit soldier, they’ll come back as a hunter, shifting the balance off power dramatically.

A teaser trailer shows off some more gameplay, and it looks breathtaking so far, truly next-gen stuff on display here.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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