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Gamescom 2012 Sony – It’s time to move it, move it!

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Sony is pimping the Wonderbook next, with support from JK Rowling and her book of spells, through to Disney and the BBC with some dinosaurs. No one cares. And then David Rutter from EA Sports appears, to tell us to dust off our PS Moves forFIFA 13, for realsies.

And it looks absolutely awful so far. Users will be able to track players and mark them with “great precision”, paint lines for other players and put some spin on balls, as Rutter demonstrates. No one buys it.

Another PS Move game is then announced, Until Dawn. It’s a horror game, with inspiration from such genre films, as the player has to keep various characters alive from all kinds of menaces, through one hell of a bad night. Imagine a teen slasher setup, but with lots more gratuitous nudity.

The Move controller can act as a gun, torch or various other tools. Time for some other games, as the stage goes Japanese.

Last Updated: August 14, 2012

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