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Gamescom 2014 – Battlefield Hardline single-player shown off, new multiplayer modes revealed

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We’ve seen plenty of Battlefield Hardline multiplayer this year. But very little of the single-player campaign from Visceral Games. Prepare for some episodic-style action.

EVP of EA Studios Patrick Soderlund is on stage first to chat about the game. Much like your favourite cop shows, Battlefield Hardline will introduce missions in an episodic formula similar to TV, that is all about options. “We’re giving the player more choices in how they want to play”, EA’s Steve Papoutsis says.

This includes lethal and non-lethal takedowns, resulting in a game where “the pacing is very different, and so is the experience” according to Papoutsis. As usual, the game is built on DICE technology that looks simply breathtaking, with vast desertdesret vistas populated by a redneck park and interesting police gadgets.

The live demo has players escaping some nasty trailer-dwelling characters, shooting and tasering their way past in a stealthy missions and arresting high value targets that confer big bonuses onto players. As usual, big shootouts, destructible environments and particle effects are part of the single-player campaign.

For multiplayer, two new modes will debut. Hotwire has players racing against one another and firing like maniacs in massive maps that emphasis speed over camping.  Rescue is an Esports focused mode which is five on five cops vs robbers, with one life per round as hostages are caught in the crossfire of this specific Siege.

And thus ends the EA press conference!

Last Updated: August 13, 2014

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