Gamescom 2014 – Quantum Break bends time itself

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Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake takes the stage, to talk about combining TV with gaming. And he has some bold ideas as he shows off a live demo of the game.

Time is breaking down, and it’s up to Jack Joyce to stop the end of time itself, Lake explains. The game looks massively gorgeous and realistic, as Jack can manipulate time after having been caught in a temporal blast. Jack can run around enemies while slwoing time down around him, absorbing energy and releasing it back, as the gameplay appears to be far less stiff than your usual cover-based shooter. It’s an interesting mechanic that adds to the game, but hardly a system-seller.

What comes next however, certainly is. With the world on the lapse of complete chronal breakdown, Jack will find himself in Time Stutters, pockets of chronal dilation where the world has ground to a halt and timelines collide. In these segments, Jack can investigate a world without momentum, and also engage with his enemy, the Monarch Corporation.

Monarch happens to have technology that allows them to navigate time stutters, and it’s up to Jack to stop them, bending time to his will. Quantum Break had my interest before. Now it has my full attention.

Last Updated: August 12, 2014

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