Gamescom 2014 – Your friends are always close in Forza Horizon 2

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Forza Horizon was a gem of a racing title on the Xbox 360, and Horizon 2 looks like it’s just going one better in every way possible. But you don’t need to worry about racing around the world alone, because Horizon 2 is going to have to connected to your friends…all the time.


Forza Horizon 2 wants to be a truly social experience, which is why its going to ship with dedicated servers. This means you won’t have to wait in a lobby to get some online action with your friends. Instead, you’ll be automatically paired in a consistently online world, meaning you can organise races and events in a snap.

That’s not to say Horizon 2 will prioritise this over regular online interaction. Online Multiplayer is still a big competent, with some return game modes and two distinct ways to play. You could hop onboard with a few other racers and go on a scenic road trip, travelling from landmark to landmark with a group of players from around the world.

Alternatively you could just let your tires down and go for a little free—roam across Horizon’s massive map. You’ll be able to organise races with other free-roaming players, with Horizon letting players decided the rules. This truly is a social experience, and one that is becoming more and more prominent with open-world titles.

Yes, even racing ones.

Last Updated: August 12, 2014

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