Gamescom Day 1 Video Wrap Up

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Only one true Geoff

Yesterday was the first official day of Gamescom and we ended the day with a quick video wrap up of what we all saw along with the local Microsoft representative, Graeme Selvan.

Okay wait that’s a lie since Grant Hinds never stops talking, ever… ever. And Geoff appears to have found a love for the camera so it has ended up being over 7 minutes long. But even if you don’t care about Gamescom or us make sure you watch this as it is easily the funniest movie I have ever put together.. out of all 5 I’ve done.. but still it’s the funniest.

Also warning we have some potty mouth in here so don’t click if you don’t like bad words

Let us know if you want to see or hear anything different.

Last Updated: August 22, 2013

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