Gamescom day two wrap-up video

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I am so tired, oh so very tired. I have honestly never felt this sort of ache in my feet in all of my existence. Still, I am having one hell of a blast. I could not have asked for more on my first ever Gamescom Expo! Here’s what we got up to on Day 2 of the show.

The show opened up to the general public today. We got there nice and early, because we’re diligent and Geoff was cracking his whip. There were already loads of people all queuing to get in. Even at that time, we heard an announcement that the morning tickets had been sold out. I clutched my press pass tightly and carried on walking.

From my side, I got to see a bunch of stuff today. I waved my arms like a boss with Ubisoft and their Kinect demonstration. I also got to see some Heroes of Might and Magic, NBA 2K15, and Halo Anniversary. Between all of that, I was out and about filming stuff and interviews, as well as avoiding the swag area at all costs. Geoff and Zoe were out missioning by themselves, and they also saw a bunch of rad stuff.

Here’s todays wrap-up, filled with behind the scene visuals of us working hard as well as actual footage from the show. Keep in mind that things only look quiet because most of this footage was snapped as soon as I arrived. The chaos only arrived a little later, and I made sure to avoid it at all costs.

Last Updated: August 15, 2014

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