Gamescom Press Conference Timings for today

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The only real industry day for Gamescom is today with 3 of the big gaming companies having their press conferences today. I’m not expecting any huge announcements but I am still hoping to be pleasantly surprised.

The press conferences will be as follows with all times being German obviously.

  • Microsoft 12:30pm
  • EA 4pm
  • Sony 7pm

I’m sure we are going to hear a ton about Gran Turismo in the Sony conference and EA will be pushing it’s Medal of Honor and Need For Speed titles.

Microsoft I am guessing will stick to Kinect and Halo Reach.

Tomorrow see’s Konami and NCSoft taking to the stage for press conferences and then that appears to be all the publisher conferences that are scheduled, I am also expecting some fairly big news out of the Ubisoft camp and don’t be overly surprised if Rockstar decide to gate crash the party with some big news.

Last Updated: August 17, 2010

Gavin Mannion

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