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Gaming for long periods may make you hallucinate

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According to a new study – because this is what research money should be used for – says that playing videogames for too long is liable to make you prone to hallucination.

According to the study, those who regularly play games for extended periods of time are more likely to suffer from altered perceptions of reality.

The study, compiled from a sample of 483 forum users, had respondents claim to see  "distorted versions of real world surroundings" and "misinterpreted real life objects" after switching their games off. Others say they see menus and other game items in their heads at odd times, with some seeing "game elements intermittently or episodically in the back of the eyelids". Others still say they could hear game music when not playing.

Some even claim they would see things like faux heads up displays while driving, accompanied by :coloured images. That’s obviously quite concerning.

“Having your cognitive and response mechanisms fully functioning is a vital component of being safe when in control of a vehicle, both for your own wellbeing and that of other road users,” says Sarah Rice, spokeswoman for the RAC

“Hallucinations of any kind while driving are, therefore, clearly a cause for concern. As video games are an increasingly popular past-time, we would welcome further insight into this issue to understand any potential risks for motorists.”

Playing games will get you killed in a motor accident, essentially. It’s high time we banned this sick filth, obviously. I honestly think sleep deprivation is a bigger problem here; that’ll start stuffing around with anyone’s mind, whether they play games or not.

Have you ever experienced video-game related hallucination? I have to admit that I have, of a sort. I don’t know if you know of an old Famicom and Arcade game called Flipull…but after a marathon session of that, I saw block in my head for ages. i also remember after an exceptionally long bout of Guitar Hero 2, the wall afterwards seemed to be warping and distorting in front of my eyes – though i think that’s an optical effect from all the scrolling, more than hallucination.

Last Updated: January 9, 2014

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