Gaming’s biggest waste of time – have you done worse?

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There was a story I read this morning about a gamer, Glen McCracken, who is on a quest to reach level 70 in Modern Warfare 2 without killing anyone.

So far he’s played for 2 hours and has managed 0 kills, 89 deaths and is on level 5. He gets points for capturing domination points, destroying killstreak rewards (sentry gun) and bonus points for finishing the stage.

I am pretty confident in saying he has absolutely no chance of getting to level 70 without killing someone but if he does it could possibly rank up there as the biggest waste of time ever spent in game.

I’m trying to think what my biggest waste of time was in gaming and I am struggling to come up with something solid. I guess my claim to idiotic fame would be my ability to navigate around DM4 in Quake 1 with my eyes closed. But that wasn’t something I spent much time learning how to do, it was more a side effect from the amount of Quake 1 I played than something I set out to do.

So what’s your biggest waste of gaming time?

Source: GameInformer

Last Updated: August 25, 2010

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