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Gay marriage in another game… So what?

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In a bug (or feature!) of Nintendo’s Nippon-centric Tomodachi Collection: New Life, male characters can engage in same-sex relationships.

As such, male couples can marry, raise children and follow all manner of normal couple routines.  However, female characters do not have the same capacity.  Also, same-sex relationships weren’t an option for males or females in previous titles – and weren’t intended for this one either. 

Since its launch on 18 April, the game has gone to the top of the charts in Japan, with many players purchasing this game because of the same-sex relationship option.  Nintendo customer support is aware of the issue and plans to patch the game, although it is unclear if the patch will mean letting the ladies pair up, or removing the functionality completely.  Guess we’ll have to wait and see – but given how outwardly conservative much of Japan is (despite appearances), it’s likely that it’ll be patched out, dealing a blow to player choice. 

You know, considering how often homophobic slurs are used by gamers, the gaming community is surprisingly accepting of homosexuality in games.  Just think of The Sims, or just about anything Bioware has ever made.  I’m not sure why this is even an issue – we all enjoy playing with our fictional characters, and it’s up to the individual player if they choose to go down that road. Here’s hoping that Nintendo opens up more LBGT options  for Tomodachi – which will probably help drive up their sales.

Last Updated: May 9, 2013

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