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Gearbox : Duke Nukem Forever isn’t Nostalgia Trip

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While Duke Nukem Forever – unbelievably, due next year – will contain all sorts of injokes, homage and fan-service, it’s not a nostalgia-driven game.

That’s what Gearbox Boss (And former 3D Realms employee) Randy Pitchford says, anyway. Speaking to Gamespot, Pitchford insisted that if they were relying on nostalgia, they would have just done a shiny port of the game, and then retired to their yachts on the Mediterranean.

“It’s a new game, but you can’t succeed with a new game that’s something like Duke without homage or fan service to its roots,” he said. “But it is a new game, so it balances that, I think, pretty smartly with being a modern new game, but not forgetting the things that we remember, that we love, that we’re going to need to experience again-or else we’re going to be upset with it.”

“You can’t imagine playing Duke Nukem Forever without using a pipe bomb, like from Duke 3D, or without using some of the classic weapons. I want to get online and play against my buddies, and I want to freeze somebody and break them into little ice cubes, and I want to shrink somebody else and step on them. I’ve got to be able to do those things or I’m going to feel like it’s not an honest successor. Then again, if it’s only a remake of the past, it’s not fresh, it’s not exciting, it’s not new, and I might get bored. So it has to be a new game first.”

“If it was nostalgia, you would just port the old game and see what happens. No, it’s not a nostalgia game at all. It’s a new game. It doesn’t have 8-bit graphics. It’s a new game, it just remembers why we love the original and plays tribute to those things as well.”

It has boobs, and violence – and as such I have no doubt it’s going to be awesome. It may not end up being the best game in the world, but it will be a great tribute.

Source : Gamespot

Last Updated: October 11, 2010

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  1. Macethy

    October 11, 2010 at 14:47

    Well to be honest, I loved Duke 3D back in the day so this is a day one purchase for me. Aside from the nostalgia fact, it genuinely looks good.


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