Gearbox is trying to find everyone who ever worked on Duke Nukem Forever

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The story of Duke Nukem Forever will finally be completed on the 3rd of May when it finally hits the shelves a mere 14 years after development began.

And now in a last ditched attempt to really close of the story Gearbox software has launched a site to help it find everyone who ever did any work on the title over the last 14 years so that they can list them in the credits.

It’s hard to imagine that they don’t just have a list but it needs to be remembered that they bought the rights from 3D Realms, who have gone bankrupted and that it took over 14 years to get this thing to market.

So if you or anyone you know did any work on DNF then head on over to their new site and let them know. I’m sure they will be checking up so there isn’t much point just pretending you did.

It’s a nice attempt by Gearbox who have an obvious love for the title and hopefully they find everyone before the game goes to the printers.

Source: GameInformer

Last Updated: February 24, 2011

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