Gearbox making Halo 4 for the next Xbox

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Halo 4 coming out of Gearbox

How’s this for a rumour. Apparently Halo 4 is in development but not for the Xbox 360 and not by Bungie.

According to OXM, that would be the same OXM that is the Official Xbox Magazine which gives this rumour a bit of backing.

Bungie has already said they don’t want to do it and Gearbox not only has some great pedigree in FPS games but there boss, Randy Pitchford, has already said that next game to be developed is bigger than any other game they currently have in production.

If this is true we can then expect to see the Next Xbox to arrive in late 2010… as previously predicted.

source: Joystiq

Last Updated: August 26, 2008

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