Gearbox have revealed the last two heroes for Battleborn

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It’s been common knowledge for a while now that Battleborn would ship with a whopping 25 heroes. The majority of that roster remained a mystery however. Over the past few months though, Gearbox have been slowly unveiling all the characters.

Just recently for example, they raised the curtain off three; Shayne & Aurox, Kelvin, and Whiskey Foxtrot. This left just two greyed out faces on the lineup. That’s no longer the case, because Gearbox have now revealed them both. Here’s a closer look at Kleese and El Dragón (via PC Gamer):

Kleese and El Dragón couldn’t be more different. An engineering mad genius hovering along in a comfy chair and a space luchador with cybernetic arms ready to tear you a new one. Both these Battleborn heroes do have one thing in common, though: they rely upon LLC technology to kick ass.


The cantankerous Kleese, former director of Minion Robotics, hates getting his hands dirty – or getting out of his chair – to waste his time on some inferior being. So, of course he’s going to design a hardened piece of plush, high-end “combat furniture” when he’s forced to fight.

El Dragón

Then there’s the champion luchador, El Dragón, who lost both his arms in his last big match against a rogue AI. Literally. As in a robot ripped both of his arms off during the Holo-Championship match. Rebuilt – and cybernetically re-armed – he’s more dangerous than ever before.

And thus, the entire Battleborn roster is now complete (though the hero page hasn’t been updated to reflect this). I must say, all the characters look nice and varied – I really dig most of their designs. Will they all be fun to play though? We’ll have to wait until May the 3rd to find out.

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Last Updated: March 7, 2016

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