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Gears of War 3 Information Blowout

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Eurogamer has rounded themselves up a Russian translator to translate all that text on that earlier Russian preview that was released last week.

So what can Epic do to make the next title in the franchise awesome? How about burrowing grenades and internal combustion melee kills?

The burrowing grenades are rumoured to allow us to lob a grenade under a piece of cover to take out the locusts hiding behind it which is something I don’t think any other game has done before.

Other leaked ideas are as follows

  • Grab a locust as a meat shield, slap a grenade on him and kick him back to his mates as an unwilling suicide bomber.
  • If you have the flamethrower you can sneak up behind a locust, stick it down his throat and have at it… beautifully vicious.
  • The ability to swap weapons with a mate in co-op and multiplayer modes.
  • The silverback comes with unlimited ammo and is heavily armoured in the front but soft as a baby’s bottom in the rear.

And last but not least we can look forward to terrain changing events, something like they did towards the end of Gears 2 (in the burning buildings) but this time we can expect it to be far bigger and more dynamic.

Oh and we have a new grenade type… Napalm… awesome…

April the 8th 2011 seriously cannot come soon enough.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: May 10, 2010

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