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Gears of War 3 on the PS3?

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So following on yesterday’s ludicrous news about Killzone 2 coming to the 360 we present the next illogical rumour to keep the news flowing throughout the slow December period.

Split-screen.com has been looking at the case for Epic allowing Gears of War 3 onto the PlayStation 3.

Basically the argument is that they will make more money from a multi-platform release. Generally this is true but there is an argument that the extra cost of developing cross platform games could offset the profits from the PS3 sales.

However the idea is dead in the water anyway since Microsoft own the Gears IP and Epic are not stupid enough to shoot themselves in the foot like that.

You see Epic are not a single platform development company and therefore have the ability and distribution network to create a major cross platform shooter.. like Unreal Tournament.

However Gears is their Xbox 360 flagship and since it just passed the 3 million mark on the 360 I see no reason why they would even consider releasing it on any other platform. The only possibility would be a PC release to try and revive Games for Windows, again a Microsoft entity.

Now don’t shoot the messenger, I just thought we had to post this before we get accused once again of bias.

Source: Split-Screen

Last Updated: December 12, 2008

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