Gears of War 3 Tips & Tricks Part 2 – I Like To Move It, Move It

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I’ve added a bonus clip of Holden ZA kicking some serious ass (at the bottom of the post), check it out and be amazed. My personal pro tip, don’t join games with Holden ZA in them.

The team at XboxReel have just released part 2 of their excellent Gears of War 3 Tips & Tricks series. While Part One focused on learning to ‘splode some skulls with the Longshot Sniper Rifle, Part Two focuses on something that a lot more of you can put straight into use: movement.

Hit the jump and catch the full video and before you know it, you too will know more about wall bouncing, strafing and carrying guns with ridiculously bright colors on them.

Last Updated: October 18, 2011

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