Gears of War Boardgame is ready

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When I think of boardgames I generally think of family time where I’m sitting around a table with the kids playing Gobble Gobble or snakes and ladders.

Or I’m thinking back to my younger days playing PigOut, side note.. if you haven’t played pig out then you’re missing out. It’s an awesomely unhealthy game that has to be played when you are still young enough to recover.

Okay so where was I?

Yes so boardgames make me think of family time or party time but never before have they made me think of Locust mutilation time. But that ends now with the announcement of the Gears of War boardgame becoming official and a video being released that explains to us the incredibly detailed and indepth game that is the Gears of War boardgame.

I’d personally worry about losing the pieces and I’m not sure this is really my sort of thing but I am intrigued and wouldn’t mind giving it a go with 3 other like minded people if the game ever lands in South Africa.

The overly serious voice over of the video is a bit amusing at times though, it is just a board game after all so it’s hard to portray that constant war feeling you can get away with in video games or movies.

Last Updated: August 4, 2011

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