Gears of War film getting District-9 Inspired Makeover

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The Gears of War film has been in limbo for quite some time now. Len Wiseman, the director of Underworld and Die Hard 4.0 was attached to direct, but then bailed after budget cuts – originally cited to exceed $100 Million – scaled the project down to “a simple, straight-ahead invasion story,” instead of the “sprawling, multi-generational epic” it was intended to be.

At this year’s Comicon, the game’s designer Cliff Bleszinski revealed that they’re going back to drawing board.

Their goal, says Bleszinski, is to make the Gears movie “more like District 9”. That not to say they’re looking to recreate Neill Blomkamp’s mockumentary masterpiece, but rather adapting that film’s small budgeted – but effects laden – ethos.

According to Bleszinski, the script that Wiseman was working from was closer to resembling big-budgeted disaster film 2012. I’m all for this If they can make the film something worthwhile – and less like your average brainless, big-budget summer action flick. As District 9 demonstrated, a good story, excellent actors and a good director are the hallmarks of a good film, not needless, over-the-top explosions forced love stories, and gimmick characters. You hear that, Michael Bay?

Source : Cinemablend

Last Updated: July 27, 2010

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