Gears of War Judgement Trailer Breakdown

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Just before quitting time last night Microsoft released a brand new Gears of War: Judgement multiplayer trailer which blew me away. Here is the breakdown of everything we saw in the trailer and what we are most looking forward to.


For the first time ever in a Gears of War title we are not only going to be playing COG vs Locust with the trailer opening up with a clip of Baird taking out another COG who appears to be wearing different armour.


Which brings us instantly to the second new feature, skins. No longer are you stuck with the armour chosen for you by the team at Epic. We can finally start customising our look and feel in the game.

It looks like the Locust are still a part of the game but possibly only in certain game modes which is a huge change from previous titles.

 People Can Fly

Gears of War has always been an Epic title and while Epic are still the driving force behind the game it is apparent that their new studio, People Can Fly, is the lead developer for this version of Gears of War.People Can Fly are most famously known for the critic splitting Bulletstorm and the excellent Painkiller –  and for helping out in the last Gears of War.

Will Judgement be the title that really sees them fly or are they going to crash and burn like the kid with the superman cape?

Game Modes

The regular team deathmatch will be included in Judgement along with Domination (which they state is a brand new mode?). However there are also some new modes being released


The biggest surprise announcement is possibly that for the first time ever a Gears of War title will ship with a Free for all mode. I’ve also loved the 4 man team gameplay of the original Gears of War but I have wanted to try my hand at being the lone wolf in Gears before so this appeals to me.


Overrun is the biggest new game mode added which mixes up the previous Horde mode with an all new class system. You can choose to either be an engineer, medic, scout or support soldier while fighting to hold back the endless waves of Locusts.

Horde was my favourite mode of Gears of War 3 so I’m looking forward to trying out the enhanced version that is shipping with Judgement.

And an added addition to all game modes… verticality. Gears has always had some sort of verticality with platforms and stair cases but this has been ramped up massively in Judgement.


A pile of new weapons were revealed in the trailer including

  • Sticky Grenades – No longer do you need to tag a player with the grenade, just stick it to him Call of Duty style
  • Beacon Grenades – So cool, you drop a grenade down and it will ping out around it showing you where the enemy is hiding
  • Stim Grenade – A health grenade you can throw to revive your downed team mate, or simply boost their health… this could really change up how teams approach multiplayer
  • Medium Range Sniper – I can’t catch the name but this medium ranged sniper looks like it could be my new best friend

The one worrying addition is the ability to throw a grenade without a wind up, possibly speeding up the game too much. Only time will tell


The last new addition to Gears of War is the idea of rewards. The better you play in multiplayer the more prize boxes you will receive. Each of these boxes will contain unique items such as weapon skins, XP bonuses and other unlocks.


I have a sneaky feeling these prize boxes are going to be able to be purchased using micro transactions but I haven’t seen anything official around that just yet.

And that’s that, the game is releasing in a months time and expect to see a lot more information about this title in the next few weeks as the marketing machines spin into gear.

… What do you mean you haven’t seen the trailer? Watch it here now

Oh and before we go, Microsoft South Africa will be hosting a huge Gears of War tournament to celebrate the launch of Judgement. The details are still being pieced together but you are going to want to keep an eye out for that one after the success of their Halo 4 tournament.

Last Updated: February 20, 2013

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