Gears of War Movie – "Looking Good" Says Scriptwriter. But Will It Ever Be Made?

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The story that the Gears of War movie is “looking good” is doing the rounds on the internet, but on closer inspection, I realised that it’s not the movie itself that is looking good, only the basic script and budget proposals and so on.

The movie itself is not anywhere near the beginning of production yet as no budget has even been set and they have yet to even begin casting for the roles in the film. Scriptwriter Chris Morgan, had the following to say:

“One of the things they’re really talking about now is the budget of the film and how big of a spectacle this is going to be. My argument is, look at the underlying material. Look at the game and the scenario — the fact that the world is being taken over by the Locust, it has to be huge.”

So what is he basically saying there? I think it might not bode well for the movie’s future.

I think what he is basically saying, is that this movie really needs to be done right in order to succeeded across all markets. So they are left with the decision of whether or not this movie will be a huge success, in the knowledge that it will only even be a possibility with a huge budget and possibly some big names.

So this is going to go one of two ways. Either they put all the money and effort in and begin the revolution of awesome game to movie adaptations, or they chicken out and pull the plug on the entire project.

We all know that anywhere in between will be a waste of everyones time.


PS: The image in the header does not actually represent who is going to be playing the roles, but is taken from one of the Casting Call features that we did last year. If you want to check out the Gears of War casting call, you can click here and go and see the magic.

If you want to see some of the others that we put together, just use the search bar and look up “casting call”. Scroll down a little and you can’t miss them.

Last Updated: May 6, 2009

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