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Gears of War 4 is letting PC and console gamers go head-to-head this weekend

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PC gamers assert that their office equipment makes for the best method of control in games, particularly in shooters. They’re generally of the opinion, that without the benefit of auto-aim, skills-lacking console gamers wouldn’t be able to hit a damned thing – despite evidence to the contrary. A skilled gamer is skilled, no matter the platform.

I do, however, believe that putting keyboard and mouse players against controller players in to the same game is going to result in a bloodbath, with PC gamers coming out on top. While controllers offer better free-form movement, the keyboard offers greater rapid movement, and the mouse undoubtedly offers better precision aiming. Very few games allow for crossplay to happen, for this very reason. If PC gamers and console gamers were allowed to go at each other, would the mouse and keyboard toting warriors reign supreme?

This weekend, Gears of War 4 will put that to the test. While the game has had PC to console crossplay since its release, it’s only been available in non-adversarial modes. But this weekend, that changes – even if it is temporarily.

“The time has come for us to run a special test weekend event to trial Crossplay Versus in Gears of War 4. This test is being conducted to evaluate the potential of a more permanent Crossplay solution in the future to allow Windows 10 and Xbox One gamers to play together in Versus outside of Private Matches.

Crossplay is divisive in any Versus experience, and Gears of War 4 is no different. From the beginning, we stated our intention to keep both platforms separate in non-cooperative game modes in order to preserve competitive balance. Conserving a fair, competitive environment remains a top priority for us.

The purpose of this weekend is to give Crossplay a trial run in a public playlist. We care deeply about players on both platforms and we’ve heard you, so our goal is to use this event to bring in a ton of data and listen to feedback from players on both platforms to examine the results. “

It’ll be interesting to see the outcome. One of the first games to allow for PC and console adversarial multiplayer was Shadowrun, but that game wasn’t great – and it also had one group of gamers mopping the floor with the other. Probably not the way you’d imagine though. Speaking to GTV in 2006, a developer on Shadowrun challenged the notion that PC gamers would automatically win.

“The console players actually owned the PC players way more,” he said. “We had to do a lot to make the PC experience fair, frankly.”

Is it all down to aim assists though? Who knows – but we may see some interesting results after the weekend.

Last Updated: December 2, 2016

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