Geek Crate is coming to South Africa

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What s in the box

Most of the time, I don’t feel like I’m missing much by living outside of the US of A. I can still get all the things that matter. However, Loot Crate has made me feel all the sadness – it’s an awesome box full of cool geek and gaming stuff that is sent to subscribers every month. I looked at signing up and having the box shipped to family in America so that I could pick it up or have it shipped here, but the costs just didn’t add up. But now, there’s a local alternative.

Geek Crate is a local version of the same concept. Basically, you pay a subscription for three, six or twelve months and each month a box of treats will be delivered to you. Similar set ups work for food and drink connoisseurs already, but why should geeks and gamers miss out? Thus far, they have partnered with Readers Den, but hopefully we will see retailers and other local purveyors of all things gaming and geek get on board. I’d love to open a box to find figurines, comics, t-shirts and other rad things – it’s like Xmas for geeks, only it comes every month.

I wish I could tell you what has come in previous crates, but they haven’t rolled out yet – they still need enough people to sign up and show interest. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay just yet. Just go fill in your details and make an account so that they know people are interested. You can use this link to do so (full disclosure, that’s my sign up link so if you all sign up that way I might get a free crate. Please do it that way, I have a bun in the oven and could use free stuff. Or don’t, I don’t really mind).

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These are the sorts of initiatives that I love to hear about. Instead of complaining that local geeks and gamers don’t get cool things, some people go out and organize them. This is what we need more of in South Africa, and I’m really happy to support this kind of initiative. Plus, if I can start getting these Geek Crates, I promise to unbox them with videos that include my cats. Now you definitely need to sign up, right?

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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