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A Geek Fest gallery

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Unlike Geoff and Gavin who were too busy eating ghost peppers or lying in bed sick, I actually went to Geek Fest on Saturday. They had about 1500 RSVPs on their Facebook event, which made Geoff think tens of people might actually be there. Well, there were certainly many many tens!

Despite the cold front blowing through Joburg on Saturday, tons of geeks came out in force to Bedfordview. People were selling board games, toys and figurines, as well as swords, funky contact lenses and zombie make-up. That said, I think the guys who made the most money were the ones selling pizza in a cone and coffee. Yeah, the longest line all day was for coffee.

The day featured all kinds of events – pet cosplay, cosplay competition, and even some swordplay/LARP demonstrations. There was meant to be a robot war, but somehow that didn’t seem to happen… or at least, it didn’t happen within two hours of when it was supposed to, by which time I had left. With a sunburn. Yup, it was so cold, so I stood in the sun the whole day and now have a creepy t-shirt sunburn.

It was great to see people come out and support this kind of event – instead of complaining that cool things never happen in SA, the Joburg geeks descended and made it an awesome event. Some cosplay was better than others – my personal favourite was the doggy cosplay – but the effort made was fantastic! Anyone stay for the Star Wars movie marathon?

Check out my awesomely bad photography skills. Also, it’s not my fault they did the cosplay in the shade while we had to stand in the sun.


Last Updated: September 2, 2013

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