Germany changes it’s mind, selling violent games is still not illegal

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German Flag

You may remember last year that there was a story doing the rounds about a German political crackpot who was attempting to get the sale of violent video games in that country made illegal.

We care about this as we already feel the pain of certain titles being banned in Germany and if this policy had been passed it would have meant that all violent games DLC would have become banned on Xbox Live.

It’s also a stupid idea and we don’t like stupidity.

Thankfully an online petition of all things has saved the day with the Germans managing to rack up over 73 000 signatures which forced the bill to be put forward as a public enquiry.

The politicians have now decided to being ridiculed by the majority of the country and the rest of the world is a bad idea and have thrown the idea out.

Now all we need to do is get Switzerland to throw their own hair brained idea out and the idiots in the Australian government to approve an R rating for games and the world will once again be safe for gamers.


Last Updated: May 21, 2010

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